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Did You Know? Unlocking the Secrets of Serviced Apartments!


Welcome to the fascinating world of serviced apartments, where comfort meets convenience in a unique blend tailored for the modern traveller. Unravel the hidden gems and surprising facts that make serviced apartments the smart choice for those in the know!

1.     Not Just for Extended Stays:
Think serviced apartments are only for long-term stays? Think again! Many are available for short-term rentals, making them a versatile choice for business trips, vacations, or any time you crave a more personalized experience.
2.     Your Culinary Playground:
Ever wished you could cook your own meals while travelling? Serviced apartments grant that wish! Equipped with full kitchens, they empower you to create your favourite dishes or experiment with local flavours, saving both your taste buds and your wallet.
3.     Privacy, Please!
Seeking solitude during your travels? Serviced apartments provide the privacy you crave. Enjoy your personal space, whether it's catching up on work or unwinding after a busy day.
4.     Business Travel's Best Kept Secret:
Did you know that many serviced apartments are strategically located near business hubs? Experience the convenience of being close to meetings, conferences, and corporate offices, reducing travel-related stress and maximizing productivity.
5.     Tailored for Every Traveler:
Families, individual travellers, and business travellers – serviced apartments cater to all! With various layouts and configurations, there's an ideal option for every type of traveller, ensuring a customized experience for your unique journey.
6.     Beyond the Four Walls:
Serviced apartments are not just about interiors; they're about the lifestyle. Some offer on-site amenities like gyms, lounges, and concierge services, elevating your stay to a comprehensive experience rather than just a place to sleep.
7.     Green Stays for a Greener Planet:
Ever thought about the environmental impact of your stay? Many serviced apartments embrace eco-friendly practices, making them a conscious choice for travellers who want to minimize their carbon footprint.
8.     No Hidden Fees, No Surprises:
Tired of unexpected charges on your hotel bill? Serviced apartments often provide transparent pricing with fewer hidden fees, allowing you to budget more accurately and enjoy a stress-free stay.
Now that you're informed with these fascinating facts, consider yourself initiated into the world of serviced apartments! Whether you're a seasoned traveller or embarking on your first business trip, these versatile accommodations are ready to redefine your concept of hospitality. Welcome to a stay that's as unique as you are!




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New accommodations added!


We are constantly adding new apartments to our platform to make sure that guests have the best options to choose from. 
Recently we have updated our portfolio with multiple accommodations in Milan, Luxembourg and Manchester!

Here are some examples of the latest additions:  



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Why Business Travelers Prefer a Serviced Apartment

kevin-bhagat-zNRITe8NPqY-unsplash.jpg 2.48 MB
Business travel has become an integral part of the modern corporate world. With companies expanding their operations globally and the need for face-to-face meetings and on-site project management, professionals are constantly on the move. When it comes to choosing accommodation during these travels, many business travelers are increasingly turning to serviced apartments. In this blog, we'll explore the reasons why business travelers prefer serviced apartments over traditional hotels and other lodging options.
Space and Comfort
One of the primary reasons business travelers opt for serviced apartments is the ample space and comfort they provide. Unlike cramped hotel rooms, serviced apartments typically offer separate living areas, bedrooms, and fully equipped kitchens. This extra space allows travelers to relax, work, and entertain guests, making it feel more like a home away from home.
Privacy and Independence
Serviced apartments offer a higher level of privacy and independence compared to traditional hotel stays. This is crucial for business travelers who often need a quiet and secluded space to work, make conference calls, or unwind after a long day of meetings. Being able to cook a meal or host colleagues in a private setting adds to the feeling of autonomy.
Serviced apartments can be a cost-effective option for business travelers, especially for extended stays. With the ability to cook your meals and do your laundry, you can reduce expenses on dining out and laundry services. Additionally, many serviced apartments offer flexible rental agreements, providing more value for your money in the long run.
Home Away from Home
The familiarity of a serviced apartment can ease the stress and disorientation of traveling for work. Having your own space allows you to personalise your surroundings, which can contribute to a sense of comfort and well-being. This sense of home can be especially important during extended assignments or frequent business trips.
Facilities and Amenities
Serviced apartments come equipped with a range of facilities and amenities that cater to the needs of business travelers. These may include high-speed internet, fully equipped kitchens, in-room workspaces, and often on-site fitness centers, meeting rooms, and concierge services. Such amenities make it easier for travelers to maintain their work routine while on the road.
Location Flexibility
Many serviced apartments are strategically located in city centers, business districts, and other key areas, providing convenience and accessibility to important business venues and offices. This location flexibility is a significant advantage for business travelers who need to be close to their work destinations.
Longer Stays Made Easy
For business travelers with extended assignments, serviced apartments offer the convenience of a "home base" where they can unpack, settle in, and create a sense of routine. This can make it easier to adapt to a new city or country and maintain productivity over longer periods.
In the world of business travel, the concept of accommodation has evolved beyond traditional hotel stays. Serviced apartments offer a practical and comfortable solution for business travelers who value space, independence, cost-efficiency, and a home-like atmosphere. These apartments are no longer just an alternative to hotels but are increasingly becoming the preferred choice for professionals who spend a significant portion of their time on the road. So, if you're a business traveler looking for a comfortable, convenient, and cost-effective accommodation option, consider booking a serviced apartment for your next journey.




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New accommodations added!


We are constantly adding new apartments to our platform to make sure that guests have the best options to choose from. 

Here are some of the latest additions:  

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We're live!

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